Knives, Boxes & Miscellaneous

Thunder River, Inc. is pleased to offer some of the finest knives & miscellaneous products on the market at an extremely competitive price!

If you are looking for a knife for yourself or a knife as a gift we can customize your selection for you. Let us:

  Add a knife box
Incorporate color artwork on the box by wildlife artist Scott Zoellick
Use your black & white logo from your camp on the box or blade
Utilize one of our stock black & white logos personally designed by Scott Zoellick
Don’t do anything... These knives are perfect just as they are!
The Choice is yours!

If you are a guide or run a hunting or fishing camp let us help you BOOK MORE REFERRALS and INCREASE YOUR REVENUES!

You work hard guiding all day, running a camp, taking care of equipment and giving 110% to your clients. Go the extra distance and give your customers a momento to remind them of the great time they had on their hunting or fishing trip. These quality, reasonably priced knives will help separate you from your competition - and help to INCREASE YOUR REVENUES, RECEIVE LARGER TIPS and BOOK MORE REPEAT BUSINESS!!

If you have a small hunting camp or just want to show up to camp and impress your hunting and fishing buddies, order a few knives to give out customized for your camp or trip - they will be a guaranteed success.

We do work with many outdoor organizations and can offer you quantity discounts on larger orders - please do not hesitate to ask.

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